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14 January went to flower market spent €70 fo flowers and sundries

€10 for petrol

spent 2 hours 


15 January - 17 January made website made instagram and made facebook

Spent 15 Hours

cost €188


Total Cost 17 Jan €268 and 17 Hours


Still have add words voucers bing words voucher and others to use


Clean Vase

Change Water Every day

also add flower food sugar and bleach 1 packet sugaer 1 lt water 1 teapoin bleach

Flesh floweres like gerbera and hycinth like shallow water so stem doesnt rott

woody flowers like rose and hydrangia like deep water

dunk hydrangia in water to to hydrate the head

roses or tulips with head run over long cut with a knife and place in a inch of boiling water for a minute and then into deep water it will revive them

shorter the lfower the longer they last more elaves your emove longer it will last cut the flower every day wen chnaging the ater

not direct sun or direct heat source

spritz with water

remove dead flowers


5lt Boiled water

25ml white vinager

25ml bleach

white sugar 10 teaspoons


1/4 warm water

1 teaspoon bleach

teaspoon sugar

2 teaspoon lemon juice


Buon Long Weekend

~ci rivediamo lunedi con le consegne

Esaurito  - Ordina per Domani

Oggi abbaimo a un mattrimonio!! Pre-ordinate per al prossima settimana

Today we're at a wedding!! Pre order for next week

Esaurito  - Ordina per un altro giorno

fresco, unico e moderno... ogni giorno 

We get up early to pick fresh and seasonal flowers from the market, to create a modern unique gorgeous bouqet every day of the week.


Send a bouquet of fresh flowers for €20 including delivery. All orders placed before 14:00 will be delivered the same day.

Ci alziamo presto per raccogliere fiori freschi e di stagione dal mercato, per preparare un bellissimo mazzolino moderno e unico ogni giorno della settimana.


Invia un mazzolino di fiori freschi per €20 compresa la consegna. Tutti gli ordini ricevuti entro le 14:00 verranno consegnati il giorno stesso.

Todays Bunch

Il Mazzolino del giornoconsegna fiori varese


Giorni Festivi / Holiday Closure


Varese: 24 & 25 Aprile

Italia: 24 - 26 Aprile



Saremo chiusi dal 1 agosto fino al 4 settembre

Buone Vacanze a tutti!!



We will be closed from the 1 of August until the 4 of September

Enjoy the Summer Break!


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