longing for spring

A recycled cardboard vase with a functional and refined design, together with a delicate bouquet of dried flowers.

The Nicole bouquet is part of the "Longing for Spring' collection designed and created exclusively for The Bluebird Shop and will only be available during the month of February.

This elegant bouquet includes protea, palm leaves and pinnate stipa in shades of pink and blush.

Each bouquet is naturally dried and handcrafted and can therefore vary slightly. Some of the materials will continue to dry over time, slowly transforming the bouquet.

Dried flower bouquets usually have an expected lifespan of 1 to 4 years (colors fade slightly over time). No special care is required. If you need to remove dust or any pampas feathers that might come off.

Both items can be purchased individually: if you want to buy only the cardboard vase you can find it at Theblubird.shop.


Vase size: 20 x 25 cm